Monday, February 27, 2012

Canker Sores and Tooth Pain

Canker Sores

When my daughter Kallie was two she had an outbreak of canker sores that was all over her mouth. It was so bad and she was in so much pain. I will never forget it and how helpless I felt that I couldn't take the pain away.

Now she in nine and once in a while she gets a few canker sores still and they are so extremely painful for her. Two weeks ago she got one and immediately I called my niece who also uses doTERRA because I remembered she said it worked great for her Canker Sore. She told me that she used three oils and it was gone in a couple of days. 


Tooth Pain

Experiencing a bad tooth is the worst! It seems to always hit on the weekend when you can't get into the dentist. If this happens to you or someone else try On Guard. My husband cracked his tooth last week and was in so much pain. I had him soak a Q-tip with On Guard and rub it around the gum of the tooth and where it was cracked. It helped the pain immediately until he could get into the dentist the next morning.   

I will be doing a whole other post on the benefits of On Guard. THERE ARE SO MANY!

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